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About our Services

The Washtenaw County Road Commission is comprised of three major functional areas, under which a variety of services are performed: Administration, Engineering and Operations. Within each of these areas are various sections through which our wide range of services are provided to state agencies, local municipalities, developers, contractors, and the general public.

Services include, but are not limited to: road maintenance and construction, bridge maintenance and replacement, traffic services, right-of-way acquisitions, surveying, and planning for future road projects. Other services include permit issuances for all proposed work by private citizens, local communities and public utilities within the county road right-of-way.

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There are five sections that fall under Administration, which oversee the business functions of policy-making, budget, accounts receivable / payables, employment, bargaining units, workers compensation and safety, employee benefits, community relations, and technology. The sections include: Board of County Road Commissioners, Finance, Human Resources, Public Information / Community Relations, and Information Technology.


The Engineering Department, which is responsible for providing engineering and technical services for road improvement projects on the county road system, is comprised of eight sections; Construction, Design, Permits, Planning, Right-of-Way, Subdivisions, Survey, and Traffic & Safety.


The Operations Department oversees the maintenance and upkeep of all county roads, as well as Michigan Department of Transportation's state trunklines. In addition, Operations is responsible for five maintenance yards, six gravel pits, a brine well, and approximately 150 pieces of road equipment. Operations consist of six District crews, a Heavy Equipment crew, an Equipment Maintenance crew, a Building & Grounds crew, and a State Trunkline crew.