About Operations


The Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the public roads in Washtenaw County. These duties include the grading and patching of soft surfaced roadways, dust control operations, patching hard surfaced roadways, grading and patching shoulders, the maintenance of drainage systems/ditch lines and winter maintenance.

Annual Salt Usage

Chart of annual salt usage.

Dead Animals Along Roadway

The Road Commission will pull dead animal far enough off the road so as not to interfere with travel on the road.  Increasingly, there is the demand that dead animals be removed completely from the right-of-way and disposed of in landfills or other designated areas.  We are not funded to accommodate this demand.

Dust Control

In order to reduce the amount of dust and preserve the road surface, we periodically spray the road surface with mineral brine or liquid calcium chloride.

Private Road Maintenance

Private roads are maintained solely by a Property Owners' Association or by the individual property owner.

Roadside Brush Removal

Brush along the roadway can pose a variety of problems.
Soft Surface (Gravel) RoadsNearly one-half of the roads maintained by the Washtenaw County Road Commission are soft surface roads.

Winter Maintenance

The Washtenaw County Road Commission is responsible for winter maintenance on all County Roads as well as State Trunklines.



Michigan Center for Truck Safety
The Michigan Center for Truck Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing highway safety through safer truck travel.