Planning Logo

Planning activites at the Road Commission seek to answer the larger and more proactive question of what can be done to establish the most efficient and safe road network that best upholds community social, economic and environmental values. 

The Washtenaw County Road Commission staff is engaged, to some degree, in four basic planning tasks. These include:

  • Estimating future demand for road facilities.
  • Proposing and evaluating alternative ways to respond.
  • Calculating the costs of the Road Commission’s plans and policies
  • Evaluation road options and recommending appropriate solutions. 


Capital Improvement Plan
The CIP is designed to serve as a blueprint for mapping the WCRC's capital expenditures.
Right-of-Way Master Plan
The County Right-of-Way Master Plan will serve as a guide to future road improvements in the county.
State Road Environmental Assessement
Transportation Improvements Plan
A list of all transportation projects receiving federal funding in Southeast Michigan

Planning Partners

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
SEMCOG is the regional planner in Southeast Michigan.
Washtenaw Area Transportation Study
The WATS is a multi-jurisdictional agency responsible for transportation planning in Washtenaw County.
Washtenaw Metro Alliance
Leaders from local units of government that have come together to protect our quality of life.